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creative writing assignment new due date april 26...

Getting discouraged w/my just start posting anything you like and we will go from there.

Here are some things happening in Lafayette , In dealing w/poetry if anyone is interested! Thanks for at least checking out this community :) Lets have some fun..tell some people. NEW DUE DATE FOR OLD ASSIGNMENT IS NOW APRIL 26th..give you some time to get it in. And, If you just have poetry you want to submit go for it! WE love to have it!

Love you all goodnite!

here is the information on poetry things in indiana:
Lewis Peterson will perform live April 19th at Global Greetings 406 Main Street Downtown Lafayette at 3:30 p.m there is a $2.00 donation .

and the Tippecanoe Arts Federation and Abstract Visions present The First Lafayette Slam. It is April 22nd at THE SKYLIGHT COFFEE HOUSE 116 N. 3rd st Downtown, Lafayette at 9pm... $3.00 at the door...For more information call 765-423-ARTS.
(this is the one Shannon wants me to do...)
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