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Assignment time-Use it , Don't abuse it ..use LJ cuts where necessary!

Useful Sources of Ideas

Ideas are everywhere. Some of them come naturally but it's worth knowing where to look for that extra piece of inspiration.

Newspapers - especially the news-in-brief columns
Magazines - especially letters to the editor or agony aunts
Other people's conversations - eavesdrop shamelessly
Other stories - remember, there's no copyright on an idea, just the finished product. That said, don't go 'borrowing' characters or large wads of print from other people's work.
Jokes - most of them are mini stories in themselves

Making the Most of an Idea
Once something catches your fancy, interrogate it.
For example, if you see a young girl running for the bus in the rain, ask yourself plenty of why's.
Why is she running, why is she catching a bus, why does she look sad/ angry/ happy, why doesn't she have an umbrella, why is she carrying a suitcase, why is she alone?
Then you can go on to ask yourself; Who is she? Where is she from and where is she going? What is she planning to do once she gets there?
Approach the idea from all perspectives and let your imagination run riot with the what ifs...

With all this in mind.....use one of these ideas and write something from it...Newspaper article you read you can write a poem from it, or a short editorial. Use your imagination by using one of the suggestions above.

Submissions due by May 31st. You have some time. :) Start getting cracking on writing and have fun...
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