Kryptonite (krypto76) wrote in mpup462,

Hell Motel

I wrote this a few years ago, when Shannon and I became w/o a place to live and had to be in a pay by the week motel. We weren't getting nowhere with saving money because we needed to pay to live there. It sucked. But, We got thru it. We always get thru everything. :)

Hell Motel
Sitting here painting my toenails black
listening to Pink Floyd
and praying for a prayer
to be answered

All there are is lunatics around us

There's a momma's boy who has
a high technical degree yet
he can't figure out why his Ford

Then there's a guy on house
arrest with a girlfriend only
16 years old who's cheating on
him in Flora Park with an old

We're having a bad case of luck
that's called hell in a motel

So, I sit and wait and pray for an answer
away out of hell
just me, My husband
and a life to live.

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